Getting to Know Multi-Pass Testing: Terms and Definitions

Posted by Dustin Flynn on Fri, Apr. 12, 2019

In the world of filtration, we differentiate filters and measure their performance using various testing methods, otherwise known as multi-pass testing. In order to understand the testing process, we've created two videos that cover how filters are tested. In the first video below, we'll go over the terms and definitions you need to know to understand how multi-pass testing works and what's measured by it. 

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Topics: filters, DFE, multi-pass testing

Hy-Pro's DFE Rated Filter Element vs. Brand X Filter Element

Posted by Jim Harlan on Wed, Jun. 07, 2017

The Problem: Too Much Filter-Related Downtime

A paper machine was experiencing excessive downtime as maintenance personnel was frequently servicing a Brand X filter element installed on the lube system. The element would reach terminal ∆P and require replacement every 8.5 days on average.

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Topics: contamination, DFE, filter comparison

Hy-Pro vs. Brand X Filters in a Single-Pass Fluid Transfer

Posted by Jim Harlan on Tue, Feb. 07, 2017

The Problem

Today’s oil suppliers are often required to provide fluid at or below a specified ISO Cleanliness Code. One such supplier was experiencing short filter element life (15 days) on the system (7 element multi-round housing) used to achieve the required ISO Cleanliness Code of 18/16/13 in a single pass as 15W-40 oil is transferred from their bulk storage tanks to tanker trucks for delivery.

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Topics: ISO 4406, filtration, breathers, offline filtration, case study, fluid transfer, DFE

High Surface Finish Defects at an Automotive Stamping Plant

Posted by Jim Harlan on Tue, Jan. 03, 2017

The Application

An automotive stamping plant operating large presses to produce body panels was experiencing high surface finish defect scrap. Lubricating oil contamination was causing surface imperfections that would be visible after painting.

The Problem

The uncoiler/washer lube oil system was protected by an off-line filtration system fitted with CJC stacked disc cellulose media filter inserts (elements). Oil analysis revealed an operating ISO code of 23/19/11. Patch analysis showed cellulose fibers were shedding into the oil from the filter inserts downstream of the filtration system.

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Topics: ISO 4406, offline filtration, case study, fluid transfer, filters, DFE

Improving Diesel Engine Life

Posted by Jim Harlan on Thu, May. 09, 2013

The Problem: Premature Failure of Diesel Engines  

Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures approaching 30,000 PSI and the evolution of injectors into sophisticated expensive electronic components. Diesel engine manufacturers have learned that ultra-fine particles that were of little consequence at 3,000 PSI are now causing premature failures at 30,000 PSI.

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Topics: diesel, case study, COD, FSL, DFE


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