Removing Water from Diesel; Hy-Pro's Coalescing Technology

Posted by Dustin Flynn on Wed, Mar. 25, 2020

In this Video we provide a brief description and demonstration of Hy-Pro's signature coalescing technology found in our FCLCOD and COT model lines.  

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Topics: filters, coalesce technology, fuel, cleanliness, COD, video, contaminination, turbine oil

Improving Diesel Engine Life

Posted by Jim Harlan on Thu, May. 09, 2013

The Problem: Premature Failure of Diesel Engines  

Today's diesel engines require cleaner fuel with injector pressures approaching 30,000 PSI and the evolution of injectors into sophisticated expensive electronic components. Diesel engine manufacturers have learned that ultra-fine particles that were of little consequence at 3,000 PSI are now causing premature failures at 30,000 PSI.

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Topics: diesel, case study, COD, FSL, DFE


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