Paper Mill Lube Filter Element Upgrade

Posted by Jim Harlan on Tue, Jul. 25, 2017
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The Application

Large paper mills rely on continuous production to be profitable, thus unplanned down time is a huge financial burden. When unplanned downtime does occur and equipment must also be either repaired or replaced, the damages can feel exponential.

The Problem: Contaminated Lubrication

Contaminated lubricants were fouling the rolling mill’s critical components; resulting in unplanned and unnecessary downtime. Online particle counts showed the fluid had an ISO Fluid Cleanliness Code of 20/17/16.

The Solution: Filter Element Upgrade

The original 6 micron filter elements were upgraded to HP8314L39-6MB (β7[c] ≥ 1000) elements.

Contaminant Reduction.pngThe Results: Lower ISO Code, Longer Lasting Filters

ISO Fluid Cleanliness Codes plummeted to 16/12/9 as particles > 4μ[c] were reduced by 90.8%, particles > 6μ[c] were reduced by 98% and particles > 14μ[c] by 99.5%. The Hy-Pro elements lasted 80% longer at 54 days compared to the original elements’ average of 30 days.



The Benefits

Plenty of good can come from replacing a filter element, the paper mill found several benefits once the element was replaced including: 

  • Longer filter element life
  • Increased the life of the oil
  • Minimizing of component damage
  • Reducing amount of downtime 
  • Reduced needed maintenance
  • Reduced operating costs 

All of these factors benefitted the paper mill in not just real-time saved costs, but a lot of trouble down the road. 

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